A platform where customers, influencers, and businesses work together, enjoy, and live

Vision & Mission

Optimized molding using AI Funch platform making the trend of molding

FUNCH Platform is designed to provide customers with a changing process through data mining and AI technology, and to create a shared ecosystem so that they can use it effectively by incorporating it into reality. Provide fair and accurate customer-oriented data to improve the quality of your choice of products that serve your customers.

The information provided is practically similar through technologies such as AI and Deep Face, so you can experience it in advance without using it. Users can access the FUNCH Platform to easily obtain information, experience, and use it to obtain points, and through this, they can proceed safely and reasonably to realize what they have already experienced. Also, large and small distributors and influencers can coexist. We would also like to open a new win-win market that is linked so that anyone can engage in these industries.

AI base Recommendation

Recommend the best results for customers by analyzing trends for each part of the face currently being searched through AI technology, web crawling, and data mining


Trends experience analysis

Reanalysis of various community outcomes with satisfaction and responsiveness, along with reviews of patients who completed the surgery


Trending through data

Predict current trends and future trends in advance by reflecting them in trends.


FUNCH Platform

A new concept platform where you can enjoy and become rich with A.I

platform with a story

Through my videos or pictures, I can change others Recognize as consulting to generate revenue

own image want to own

Collect what you're trying to change with prior experience build services that help you choose

rational value formation

Depending on the market structure when realizing a changed appearance reasonable accessibility

Reliable revenue allocation

A blockchain structure determined by data backtracking Smart Contracts generate revenue from Smart Contract

FUNCH Reward System

FUNCH Platform aims to build a commerce platform that is the foundation for co-prosperity beyond the ecosystem centered on large service companies. In FUNCH's ecosystem, anyone can be a service provider and anyone can be a user.

Service 01

Expanding the virtual reality space through AI and data mining in a space based on text, images, and images

Service 02

Rewards resulting from meeting the needs of various customers

Service 03

Generate revenue with point rewards that occur every time users use their own content

Service 04

Additional ecosystem operations resulting from empowerment based on participation

FUNCH Platform


Product Provider

The vendor's position to plan and provide actual products is a very effective service that helps FUNCH Platform create customers and make payments.



From the standpoint of product distributors (remodeling), FUNCH Platform provides effective demand and supply forecast information and provides a structure that enables distributors and customers to utilize FUNCH Platform and receive fair fees.



FUNCH Platform has an easy and convenient streaming structure and payment method to experience and enjoy products in various contents.

FUNCH Community Service

The FUNCH Community Service provides a community space where you can share various product-related contents such as product and influencer information, introduction materials, photos, and reviews with other users. In this FUNCH Community, you will receive review points for your photos, reviews, and personal writings, and the review points will be mined to Token by POI Mining and paid to the author.

Cultural services within the FUNCH Community can also provide music streaming services to Token. It will also provide a separate video streaming service where you can watch domestic dramas and movies in real time overseas. Currently, most music markets in Korea provide music sources on YouTube and Bugs, but FUNCH wants to provide video and music services that users traveling abroad can listen to, watch, and enjoy alone through separate music services. Through these various cultural services, FUNCH will be the best open commerce information platform to share emotions, share information, and feel together with users.

FUNCH Platform .Blockchain .Cryptocurrency .Live commerce .Fandom .Entertainment


Middleware for Global Commerce

  • Middleware for various media services around the world.
  • Basically, you can act on behalf of the Payment Service. (can cross countries, regions)
  • You can meet various influencers from all over the world at once.
  • You can enjoy global streaming shopping through the FUNCH exclusive Shopping Mall.
  • It is possible to exchange information on various media as a community.
  • A simple payment structure can be shared by using FUNCH as the key currency.
  • NFT Marketplace can be used to earn various copyright profits such as images and broadcast video clips.
  • Various influencers and customers can receive rewards together using the NFT Subscribe Service.

Road Map



Token Build &Private Sales



Open FUNCH Platform 1.0

Vietnam service office opened

Cambodia service office opened


Influencer Service &Marketplace Build


FUNCH Platform 2.0 Build



FUNCH Multi Platform Open

Live commerce Platform Open


Global Open FUNCH Commerce

FUNCH Community Open

Cross Platform Open